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P.O.S. Mining Part., Ltd. runs export businesses of different types of ore minerals, including Gypsum, Anhydrite, and Dolomite. With over 30 years in the mining business, we understand all the processes that yield results for our customers in the mining industry. We also understand the importance of offering mining services to every customer efficiently and effectively, so that the customers may benefit from our ore mine. Moreover, we value the importance of the mining process, social needs and the social responsibility to the community in the surrounding areas. Along with this, we seek to preserve the environment, support activities in the mining areas, and corporate with local organizations for development and integration. We believe in a well-planned strategy regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR) to maximize the value-added utilization of our ore minerals for both social and economic impact. Because we value our stakeholders, the existence of our business occurs along with the acceptance of community areas in the Surat Thani Province (southern Thailand).
P.O.S. Mining has qualified human resources personnel to control, plan, design and manage the mining process, mineral production, mineral extraction, as well as metallurgy and materials processing (/engineering). Our engineers include experts in Geology, Metallurgy, Petroleum and natural gas technology, and technology management. We are acutely aware of the environmental problems our business can cause and we are constantly developing solutions to deal with the issues that arise from the mining process. All our personnel have a strong work ethic and personal integrity, and can organize and execute each project with professionalism. We are extremely proud to be able to contribute not only to the company, but to the surrounding communities.
        Furthermore, P.O.S. Mining has an excellent logistics service. Our truckload carriers and truck drivers are knowledgeable about selecting engines and performing engine maintenance while maintaining a regular work schedule. Reducing fuel consumption, reducing wear and tear, equipment expenses, as well as incurring the cost of any damages that occur are always a big concern for our company, and so we created a department to manage these issues. Especially, were huge freight is required, many firms use third party logistics to reduce the burden distribution. That is, the firms will enter into an agreement with a well-known logistics company that has an integrated logistics system that includes a one stop service to perform logistic function, prepare reports, and perform logistics planning with their customers. We are however, proud to have our own integrated logistics system which can provide an all inclusive logistics service catering to each customer’s needs. We find that working with our own integrated logistics system improves our output process making it a seamless work experience for our customers.



Lime stone

Our mine produces good quality Limestone. We currently have more than 10,000,000 metric tons in our reserves, and have the capacity to produce more than 700,000 metric tons per year.


Dolomite mineral

Dolomite can be used in the fertilizer mix to improve soil for agriculture. It also can be used in the water treatment process and in the Iron and Steel industry.


Anhydrite mineral

The anhydrite mineral can be used to produce Portland cement. In England and Germany it is used in sulfur and sulfuric acid production.


Gypsum mineral

The P.O.S. mines have  reserves mineral more than 10,000,000 metric tons in all mines and we also have production capacity more than 700,000 metric tons per year of the high-quality gypsum mineral suitable to make cement , gypsum board, gypsum plaster and various products from gypsum ore.


cargo ship

We can ensure a customer shipment overland or by river. We have a large warehouse and storage space at the port to store our products. We manage all our shipping and export from this location. This allows us to be flexible in the quantity we ship at any given time. 



Quality and Service are important to us. We follow the transport format logistics system for all items that are shipped to customers. We also ensure security on all your purchases or shipment from start to finish. Our personnel are experienced and able to support all your needs whether driving or maintenance, coordination of process or delivery.


Ribbed smoked sheet

 We remain competitive in the business of Ribbed smoked sheets. We maintain excellent production standards and reserves. Our current capacity is at a rate of 3000 metric tons per month. Customers can be confident in our quality and “Green Book” standards.


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